Sunday, June 12, 2011

Peter Martinsen Family Reunion 1969

Near Vernal, Utah in Ashley National Forest 

This is the season for family reunions. In most cases they are a wonderful tradition. My family and I have enjoyed several over many years. I hope the tradition continues.

Recently I have been relistenening to some cassette tapes of my family's Peter Martinsen reunion held at Grizzly Ridge in the Ashley National Park near Vernal, Utah in the summer of 1969. Prayers were given, family histories were reviewed, songs were sung and testimonies of the Gospel of Jesus Christ were also spoken. Some expressed desires to be better people--more like the ancestors which immigrated to Utah and gave us the opportunity to live the Gospel.

Peter Martinsen and his wife Toline were immigrants from Norway who joined the Church of Jesus Christ there. They left Norway for Zion in 1876 but lived in Utah only a short time--about 13 years. They died a few short weeks of each other in 1889 leaving a young family orphans in their new land.

Their youngest son George was just five years old when his parents died. He eventually settled in Vernal, Utah and because of the diligence of his family we held this family reunion there. George's sister, Emma Martinsen Anderson was my great grandmother. At the time of this reunion she had been gone over 30 years.

LaRell, LeGrand and R.D. Anderson

My maternal grandfather, LeGrand Anderson was Emma's son. As I listened to the tape, I could tell that he and his brothers and cousins really enjoyed this time together. I have included some songs that LeGrand and his brother LaRell sang together at this reunion. LaRell is playing his ukulele and someone thought a cow bell would add perfectly too. 

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