Monday, June 20, 2011

Peter Martinsen Family Reunion 1970 at Fishlake

Since I have spoken recently about family reunions, I think I will continue with the Peter Martinsen family reunion which was held in 1970 at Fishlake in Utah. Apparently, my grandfather, LeGrand Anderson was the chairman of the reunion that year. His mother, Emma, was a Martinsen, daughter of Peter and Toline.

After arriving in Utah, Peter and his wife Toline settled in Koosharem, Utah just down the road from Fishlake. It was in Koosharem that they both passed away within a short time of each other leaving their children to support themselves. As I have reviewed the cassette tapes someone very thoughtfully recorded, I note that many in the family could sing very beautifully and enjoyed sharing their talents. 

My mother, Pauline Anderson Harward and her cousin Lora Anderson Burr [a daughter of LeGrand's brother R.D. Anderson] were also fond of singing--especially together. Being the same age, they took many opportunities during their high school years to sing at church, civic and school functions. Their talents were very much in demand.

Lora Anderson Burr and
Pauline Anderson Harward

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