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William Henry Harward

William Henry Harward

William Henry Harward was my paternal great great grandfather. We are blessed that he wrote his own life story, but he left out many of his life successes and blessings which I am sure he enjoyed.

He was born in Cedar City, Iron County, Utah on 29 January 1854. He claimed, "My parents had been called from Springville to help settle this [Cedar City] section of the country. We lived there until I was in my sixth year when we moved back to Springville. I was a pretty good boy in my youth."

William was active in the Church of Jesus Christ as a youth and served in his Deacon's Quorum presidency. He had the privilege of taking turns keeping the meeting house in Springville in order for several years.

He remembered, "I started going with Lizzie [Elizabeth Clements] when I was 18 years old and went with her for two years. I was 20 years old in January and married Lizzie on the following 11th of May 1874 in the Endowment House in Salt Lake City [Utah]." The couple made their home in Springville, Utah for a few years. Their oldest son, William was born in Spring
ville and lived less than a year. Two other children, Elizabeth and Frank were born in Springville. William related, "Frank [Thomas Franklin] was born on the 20th of January [1878] and I left for the Sevier in February seeking a new home. The following April I returned to Springville and got my wife and family, and we moved out about the 10th of April 1878."

William's father, Thomas Harward along with Ezra Mason, Sr. [William's brother-in-law] and Osias Harward [his brother] also went with them and stayed until the crops were planted. Thomas and Ezra went back to Springville leaving William, his wife, and his brother Osias to take care of the crops. They did not return again until the next spring. Thomas then brought with him W
illiam's mother, Sabrina Curtis Harward and Ezra Mason brought William's sister Sabrina.

William claimed to live his religion as closely as he could in his early adult years. He paid tithing and temple dues. William also served as president of the Young Men's Mutual, second counselor to Jabez Durfee in the first bishopric in Aurora and secretary of the Sunday School for many years. He noted of the service he had performed, "I used to go out a great deal with Ezra Mason to administer to the sick and saw many healings through the power of the priesthood."

But he had problems with drinking alcohol. This problem along with some conflicts relating to his habit and Church policies kept him from activity much of his life. About his testimony of the gospel, William stated, "I told him [his stake president] I was just as sure that our religion was true and that the Savior would come again upon the earth as I was that the sun shines in the heavens." He tried to get back into church actvity but claimed, "This had been an awful drawback to me as I got to drinking and didn't live my religion as I should have done."

His wife Elizabeth died 20 October 1928, and he lived alone for two years after that. He claimed, "I got so lonesome I nearly died of loneliness. Then I tried renting out part of my home until May 1931 when Simmons [his son] and his family came to live with me."

William Henry Harward

William Henry Harward died 19 February 1936 in Aurora, Utah of old age and is buried there.

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