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Sarah Drucilla Robbins Harding

This history is taken from a life history written by her grandson Vermont C. Harward.

Sarah Drucilla Robbins Harding

Sarah Drucilla Robbins Harding was born in Provo, Utah on January 11, 1858 to Isaac Robbins and Hannah Libby Carter his third wife in plural marriage.

She was reared in a family of 26 children including 10 full brothers and sisters. The children of all three marriages were cared for by Sarah's mother, because the other mothers had died leaving young children. Family members learned to share responsibility for household chores and enjoyed sharing their musical talents with each other.

Sarah went to school in Provo and grew to be lovely and talented. She married William Henry Harding, a childhood friend, on February 22, 1876 in Provo, Utah. After their marriage, she became very interested in nursing and prepared herself for nursing service by studying medical books.

Throughout her life, Sarah helped to nurse the sick serving as a midwife at many births, including her grandchildren. She helped to nurse many children and adults back to health. Dr. Freese, of Salina, Utah, often came to her for advice and told her that all she needed was a license to become a doctor.

Family members said that Sarah was a wonderful mother. She gave birth to 14 children with 3 dying in infancy. She also lost 2 of her young married daughters, Margaret and Elizabeth. During these sad times, she often returned to Provo to be near her relatives to help her overcome her loneliness. Besides being a nurse, she was a good cook and an excellent seamstress and quilter.

In her later life, her health failed. Sarah spent much of her time in an old homemade rocking chair. She passed away on November 8, 1923 at her home on the ranch and is buried in Aurora, Utah.

Sarah Drucilla Robbins Harding

Sarah and William Henry Harding's children were:

William Henry 1876
Sarah Jenette 1877
Isaac Robbins 1879
Hannah Libbie 1881
Elizabeth Maria 1883
Ester Emily 1885
Ellen 1887
Olive 1887
Margaret Ann 1890
Samuel Edward 1891
Wilmouth 1894
Joseph Aaron 1896
Fontella 1898
Reva 1902

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