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Elizabeth Clements Harward

Elizabeth Clements Harward

Elizabeth's history was written by both her granddaughter, Lois Harward Poulson and a great grandson, Ray Don Lazenby.

Elizabeth Clements Harward was born in Salt Lake City, Utah 10 February 1856 the first of seven children of John Moon and Elizabeth Gabbitas Clements. Her parents were recent converts to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Sai
nts and were strong in the gospel.

Her family lived on the west side of Salt Lake City and were very poor. Her father wrote in his journal on 30 May 1856, "Started off about sunrise traveling by foot north to Ogden looking for work traveling through Farmington, Centerville and Sessions settlement--arrived home in Salt Lake City sundown and found my daughter Elizabeth sick an infant not quite four months old took sick with a strong fever the day I left home. A gathering in its head broke today and also the fever and it had found relief from its suffering. Administered to it annointing with oil and laying on of my hands and it rested well through the night."

Eventually the family made a home in Springville, Utah by 1860. Elizabeth me
t William Henry Harward in Springville and married him in the Endowment House in Salt Lake City 11 May 1874. The couple left Springville in April 1877 to live in Sevier County, Utah and settle on the east side of the Sevier River near Lost Creek across from Willow Bend which is now Aurora.

The family returned often to Springville to visit family. On one visit, Elizabeth gave birth to a baby which they named Adelbert. Elizabeth's father wrote in his journal, "My son-in-law and daughter and children started for home to Wi
llow Bend, Sevier County after a welcome visit for two or three weeks. May the protecting care and blessing of Father in heaven be over them. Bless my daughter oh my Father for she is a good girl. And may her life be a long and useful one in raising up a posterity that shall be an honor to herself and a blessing and an honor to her husband and her parents and a comfort to herself in after years."

Elizabeth did not have an easy life. She had fourteen children and raised eleven to maturity. Her wash was done on a scrub board, water was carried from the river, wood was gathered for fire to cook and heat water.

William Henry and Elizabeth Clements Harward Family

Elizabeth and William's children were:
  • William Henry 1875
  • Elizabeth 1876
  • Thomas Franklin 1878
  • Adelbert 1879
  • Stillborn child 1881
  • Amasa 1881
  • Bertha 1883
  • Viola 1885
  • John 1887
  • Charlotte 1888
  • Nora 1890
  • Melvin 1892
  • Reulon 1894
  • Simmons 1896

Elizabeth's granddaughter, Lois Harward Poulson remembered of her g
randmother, "She made her own bread. It was amusing to watch her make it as she would always curl her tongue over her upper lip and usually had flour on the tip of her nose."

Lois remembered one time while be tended by her grandparents that she arose one morning and her grandmother [Elizabeth] asked her how she liked her egg. She told them she wanted a hard boiled egg. Her grandpa said, "Why Lizzie, that child can't have a hard 'biled' egg it isn't good for her." Her grandma said, "Now, Will, you shush. If she wants a hard 'biled' egg, she shall have it." And she did.

Lois said of her grandmother's last days, "I never saw Grandma in bed until she was on her death bed with a stroke which paralyzed her. She was comatose most of the time after the stroke so it was doubtful that she realized very much if anything after this or she would have apologized for having to be waited upon."

Elizabeth died after seventeen days on October 2, 1928 and is buried in the Aurora City cemetery.

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