Friday, December 5, 2014

When It Used to Snow

Our recent warm December weather here in Utah has reminded me about interviews I have done with some older people. When they spoke of the winters of their childhoods, most said, ". . . that was back in the day when it used to snow." I sometimes wonder about the days when it used to snow.

My mother, Pauline Anderson Harward, grew up in Koosharem, Utah, near Fish Lake and 6,914 feet above sea level. I know the Fish Lake area can get lots of snow some years and almost none in others. But I am unsure if the area receives as much snow now as in the 1950s, 1940s or earlier.

My mom spoke of the Koosharem winters when she was growing up and said, "During the winter months in Koosharem, we were often snowed in. At night Dad would lay on the floor and want us to tickle him and comb his hair. Mother would lie on the couch and listen to him tell us stories. We could hear the wind blowing outside, but it was cozy in there with our family." These few short sentences present a wonderful scene for my mind.

In the winter months, my grandma often made what was called Million Dollar Fudge. She usually shared some with the family and put the rest in her freezer. On cold winter nights Grandpa often said to one of his children, "Go get the fudge out of the freezer."

When I was a child, we all ate Grandma's good homemade candy, and I am sure most of Grandpa's granddaughters spent a lot of time tickling his arms and combing his hair. He even allowed us to put pink and green rollers in his hair just so we would comb it. 

I remember the smell of the Brylcreem in his hair, and I did not like the feel of it on my fingers, but Grandpa liked the attention so I continued.

Even if it doesn't snow today as it used to, maybe every family should keep some fudge in the freezer. And if Grandpa still has hair, put in a few curlers along with a good arm tickling. Family's today might be all the better for it.

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