Friday, October 17, 2014

Polly's Perfect Place

About a year and a half ago, I was searching through some of my family history files and came across a recorded interview I did with my mother several years back. In a part of the interview, Mom speaks of a small reservoir or pond which was on her family's property in Koosharem, Utah a part of what the locals call Grass Valley.

As she spoke, I could tell the reservoir of her childhood seemed almost magical, and she loved it almost as much as anything in her life.

Mom talked of following her father as he went to his little shack by the pond to fertilize fish eggs. Her father, LeGrand Anderson, wasn't a man who enjoyed fishing, but he seemed to love the science of them, and he kept their reservoir well-stocked for those in the family who wanted to fish like my mother did.

Mom mentioned getting in a boat and looking over the edge watching the fish swimming around in the clear water. With her childish imagination, she pretended the fish lived in little fish villages. Sometimes, she watched the fish for quite a while dreaming many interesting stories. 

In 2013, my sister and I took Mom back to the reservoir she loved. It is now owned by her cousins, and they still keep fish in it.

Pauline Anderson Harward
reminiscing by her family's reservoir
in Koosharem, Utah 2013

Fish still jump in the reservoir

Before our visit, I made Mom a little book about her reservoir story. Now I have the pages in video form. I think it brings back good memories for her. Everyone deserves GOOD childhood memories!

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