Sunday, June 1, 2014

Toline Christensen Martinsen

Toline Christensen Martinsen

I have looked at the face of my great, great grandmother Toline Christensen Martinsen many times--studying it intently trying to discover perhaps a little of who she was. 

The fact that she is quite a mystery should not be so much a question as I hardly know anything about her daughter, my great grandmother Emma Martinsen Anderson either.

Sometimes when my mother feels insecure, stubborn or particularly introverted, she blames these traits on her Norwegian bloodline coming from her Grandma Emma Martinsen. I have asked myself, "Could this really be true?"

I suppose each culture has their own character traits which come either through bloodlines or their environment. But the following traits seem particularly strong for those with Norwegian blood:
  • Norwegians often seem a bit shy, but this, in part, is because they do not like to meddle in another person’s life. Once they feel comfortable, you will get to know them better and strong ties of friendship will develop.
  • They place strong value in sincerity.
  • They are highly tolerant and accepting of other people--somewhat unlike their Danish and Swedish neighbors.
  • They appreciate modesty and types of low-key behavior.
  • Most Norwegians are informal in dress and manner.
  • Norwegians love the great out-of-doors.
  • Physically, a big part of the Norwegian population is tall, blonde and fair-skinned. In fact, 50-60% of all Norwegian adults have light brown hair being blonde as children.
After looking over these traits, maybe I can understand why I have so little information on my Norwegian line. It seems they did not want to be noticed or worried about. Their lives were low-key.

But this will not deter me. I will still continue to look for information which I hope will help me understand who my Norwegian ancestors were.

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  1. It is really interesting to look at traits of cultures and look for those traits in ourselves. I've been amazed as I have connected with distant cousins, how often they mention a family trait or behavior that I see in my own family.

    I can totally relate to studying a picture forever, trying to see something that I may have missed and practically willing it to reveal something. Thank goodness for pictures!