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Daniel Thompson of Scipio, Utah

Daniel Thompson

Daniel Thompson, son of William G. Thompson and Elizabeth McAuley, was born 25 December 1834 in Markham, York, Ontario, Canada. His parents had immigrated to York, Ontario, Canada in about 1833.

It was in Canada that his parents were baptized into the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints by Orson Hyde in 1836. The family then left Canada to join the saints in Missouri. They also followed them to Illinois and lastly Salt Lake City, Utah.

The Thompson family settled in Bountiful, Davis, Utah after their arrival to Utah in 1851. In February of 1852, Daniel accompanied Bishop [Noah] Bartholomew to Fillmore, Millard, County, Utah. He was also employed by Bishop Bartholomew for a time.

Daniel served in the Utah militia for a period in 1853. When the people of Fillmore, Utah heard news of the massacre of Captain Gunnison and eleven of his party encamped near the Sevier River by a band of Pahvant Indians on 26 October 1853, Daniel was sent to dispatch the news to Salt Lake City. He was also sent to the sight of the massacre to help identify the remains.

Daniel married Lorinda Elizabeth Bronson, daughter of Leman Bronson and Lucy Brass on       4 May 1854 in Fillmore, Millard, Utah. Lorinda was born 23 December 1836 in Brownstown, Wayne, Michigan and died 20 June 1907 in Scipio, Millard, Utah.

Being an immigrant to the United States from Canada, Daniel was naturalized 22 November 1855 in Fillmore, Millard County, Utah Territory.

Daniel served in his church and civically. He accepted a call from the Church to serve as the presiding authority over the Scipio branch after the citizens had moved out of the fort in 1868. One year later, he was ordained the bishop.

On 1 January 1869, Daniel married in polygamy Lydia Ann Ivie, daughter of James A. Ivie and Elizabeth Porter. Lydia was born 27 September 1850 in Provo, Utah, Utah and died 9 January 1920 in Nephi, Juab, Utah.

The United Order was put into place in 1874 with Daniel Thompson as president. After 14 years as bishop, he served as first counselor to Ira N. Hinckley in the Millard Stake presidency. Daniel also served two terms on the Utah legislature.

On February 28, 1889, Daniel was indicted for unlawful cohabitation. His wives Lorinda and Lydia along with sons W.D. and James were subpoenaed to testify before a grand jury. It appears no trial was ever held on this charge. Daniel later said that Mary Johnson [of Scipio] hid him in her upstairs for weeks when officers were after him. She was the only one who knew where he was and she kept it an absolute secret.

Daniel and Lydia’s marriage was legalized after the death of Lorinda, his first wife.

Many in the community loved and looked up to Daniel, and he was once described as a kindly-faced man.

Daniel’s died on 29 July 1912 in Scipio, Millard Utah. His funeral was attended by 800 people, from local citizens to general authorities of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

Children with Lorinda:

1. Daniel Edwin Thompson born 1 June 1855
2. Wilmer Daniel Thompson born 15 April 1857
3. Henry Bronson Thompson born 6 March 1859
4. Lorenda Delcena Thompson born 1 May 1861
5. William Riley Thompson born 26 February 1863
6. Leamon Thompson born 9 July 1865
7. Rosabelle Thompson born 24 July 1867
8. Emily Thompson born 20 November 1869
9. Martha Ann Thompson born 9 October 1871
10. Frances Marion Thompson born 21 September 1873
11. Raymond Bronson Thompson born 21 December 1875
12. Elizabeth Thompson born 1 July 1879

Children with Lydia:

1. Orson Edmund Thompson born 16 October 1869
2. Lillie Isadore Thompson born 1 July 1871
3. James Alexander Thompson born 28 August 1873
4. Don Leroy Thompson born 29 December 1875
5. Alton Rex Thompson born 14 February 1877
6. Florence Thompson born 15 March 1880
7. Lydia Ellis Thompson born 7 September 1882
8. Earl Erwin Thompson born 8 May 1885
9. Nina Electa Thompson born 26 June 1887

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  1. Thank you for all this great information. I am thankful to have found it. Daniel Thompson and Lorenda are my 3rd Great Grandparents. Many blessings,