Tuesday, December 14, 2010

My Picture Pedigree Chart

So many people at this time are looking for pictures of their ancestors on line. Because I have pictures in my possession, I decided to post as many as I can now. Those who are interested may copy and paste those pictures of interest.

  1. Me
  2. Gaylord Kendrick Harward
  3. Pauline Anderson
  4. Kendrick Harding Harward
  5. Edith LoRene Thompson
  6. LeGrand McKay Anderson
  7. Vera Anderson
  8. Thomas Franklin Harward
  9. Sarah Jeanette Harding
  10. William Leslie Thompson
  11. Eva Merinda Stephenson
  12. Andrew Anderson
  13. Emma Josephine Martinsen
  14. Parley Anderson
  15. Hattie Rozella Tuttle
  16. Willliam Henry Harward
  17. Elizabeth Clements
  18. William Henry Harding
  19. Sarah Drucilla Robbins
  20. William Riley Thompson
  21. Rosetta Johnson
  22. Thomas Christian Stephenson
  23. Lise Thomsen
  24. Jen Christen Andersen
  25. Caroline Jensen
  26. Peter Martinsen
  27. Toline Christensen
  28. Andrew Ole Anderson
  29. Johanna Stormfeldt
  30. Josiah Tuttle
  31. Sarah Catherine Barr

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