Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Vera Anderson

My maternal grandmother was Vera Anderson Anderson Poole. She is pictured here between the ages of one and two [circa 1915] in the middle of her parents Parley Anderson and Hattie Rozella Charlotta Jane Tuttle Anderson.

Parley Anderson, Vera Anderson, Hattie Anderson

From her own words, Vera recalled, "I was born on 11/12/13 in Glenwood, Utah to parents I have always loved dearly. I don't remember much about Glenwood, but I do remember, although very young, my younger brother, Dee being born.

My father had a large herd of sheep, and I spent much of my young life with my Dad and Mother with the sheep on the mountains.

I had five sisters and four brothers and a Grandpa who lived with my family. My grandfather lived with us until I was ten. He was as much a part of my life as my parents--really a third parent. You know we lived up here on the ranch (in Annabella). He never lived with a wife while I knew him even though two were living for a while. We [she and her sisters] have decided maybe he couldn't since his first wife was dead, and he wouldn't be legally married to the other two."

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