Friday, January 30, 2009

Josiah Tuttle

Hattie Tuttle Anderson's father was Josiah Tuttle. He was born in Germanton, Stokes, North Carolina. Josiah's father Alexander died in 1880 leaving a family of 11 chldren for his wife, Emily Jane to rear. Being the oldest, Josiah worked as a farm hand in Stokes County to help support his mother and siblings.

Josiah enjoyed music and playing his fiddle for the dances held at the husking bees popular in the area. He had probably already had some type of association with Sarah Cat
herine Barr when they began courting at these dances. Although Sarah was only 15 years old, they married in December of 1880.

Sometime after their marriage, Josiah was employed in the community as a store clerk and at the local post office. Things would change for the young couple as the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints sent proselyting missionaries to Stokes county in the mid-1880s. Josiah and Sarah listened to their message and were baptized 2 April 1891. Four days later, Josiah, Sarah, and their daughters, Hattie, Maggie, Dora and Georgia boarded a train which took them to Utah. Josiah and Sarah never returned to North Carolina or their families.

Josiah and Sarah lived in Salina, Utah for about six years then moved to Glenwood, Utah where they raised ten children. He supported his family mainly by truck gardening--renting out several plots of land in Glenwood to grow his vegetables.

Josiah's granddaughter, Vera Anderson, remembered, "Grandfather Tuttle was about 5' 9" tall, very thin and wore a mustache. He raised a huge garden and washed and packed his vegetables in a buggy and went from door-to-door in Richfield selling them. My sister, Madge Anderson, went with him several times. With a child's memory, Madge said, 'He always bought bolony and bread for our lunch.'"

Josiah passed away 17 May 1927 in Glenwood, Sevier, Utah and was lovingly remembered by his children and grandchildren for many years.

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